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2020 Teams

Front Row (l to r): Fred Soto, Steve Vasco, Bob Kazin. Second Row: Chuck Mayers, Rick Discenza, Roger Shell, Tom Wasilewski, Dick Whittington, Doyle Stephens & Butch Fischman(mgr.) Back row: Keith Klintworth, Mike Reeve, Jim Hunt, & Tom Gukelberger.


Top Row (l to r): Joe Russell, Bob Brown, Dennis Fecci, Dean Sturgeon, Chuck Becker, Chuck Higgins, & Dave Martha. Bottom Row: Ron Ferraro, Gerry Seguin, Mike Mort(mgr.), Verne Petrosky, Pat Marone, Nick Layton, & Gary Bowers. In the middle: scorekeeper: Donna Mort.

Front Row: Joe Hanley, Tony Vaccariello, Mike Lewis, Tom Kinch, Mike Kane, Jim Heckel, Wayne Myers & Gary Connolly.

Back Row: Kevin Loftus, Mike  Crimmins, Les Sharp(MGR), Bert Stohrer, John Byrum, Jim Neuser,  & Paul McGrone.



Front Row: Ken Hughes, Rick Watson, Kevin Nestor, Mike Connors, & Mike Chesik

Back Row: Bob Macmillan(mgr), Terry Gunning, Bob Huber, John Mulcahey, Bobby Steirt, Jeff Berryman, Dave Park, & Dale Brunt.

Front Row: Bob Kruczowy, Mike McConnell, Ray Waechter(mgr), Will Carlson, Armand Gonzales, Meg Stanley, & Jim Burhance

Back Row: Gerry Hoogland, Dave Sibits, Don Penrod, Drew Moston, Russ Gomes, Wayne Campbell, & Charlie Bickle Missing from photo: Ray Bernardi



Front: Bill Shields, Tom Turton, Bob Winters, Ed Volovlek, Anne Brooks, Bill Wright, Peggy Shields

Back Row: Howard Goldstone, Frank Caso, George Gorges, "Sparky" Adamowicz, Jack Galante, Chuck Hodgkiss, Steve Doler. Missing: Ed Dzialo

Back Row: Gerry Pyter, Don Leisey, Jim Lenoir, Jim Pleiman, Tom Silvia, Guenther Mittlestaedt
Front Row: Ben Tantillo, John Truitt (mgr), Bob Gentile, John Wolfe, Dan Rowell & Mark Zeitlin
Missing from photo: Tony Gambino



Front Row: Andre Dalbec, Mark "Slugger" Lauer (mgr)

2nd Row: Bob Bohara, Ernie Orlando, & Don Taylor

3rd Row: Rich Stein, Tom Flynn, Rob Hollis, Gary Schultz, Jay Silverstein, Mark Falvo, & Don Healy

Missing:   Don Bucholz & Bob Williams

Monday & Wednesday
  8:30 (BP)  9:30 Game
North Collier Regional   Park, Naples, FL 
   November to April

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