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NAME:  The organization name is Collier County Super 60 Softball Inc with operations in Collier County, Florida.

  1. STRUCTURE:  Collier County Super 65 Softball was founded in 2004 as a recreational softball program. On May 1, 2023, the league (now known as Collier County Super 60 Softball Inc) officially registered with the State of Florida, N23000005298, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 92-3856498 as a nonprofit corporation.

  2. PURPOSE: Collier County Super 60 Softball Inc is organized for the purpose of promoting the game of softball for men aged 60 and older, and for women aged 50 and older.

  3. MEMBERSHIP: Membership in Collier County Super 60 Softball Inc is open to any man aged 60 and woman aged 50 and older who will attain the age of 60/50 by December 31 in any year of league play, and who has submitted a completed official application along with payment of any fees established by the Board of Directors for league participation. No application for participation with Collier County Super 60 Softball Inc shall be subjected to any form of discrimination.

  4. TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP: Collier County Super 60 Softball Inc membership will terminate upon any one of the following:

  1. Member has voluntarily withdrawn from the league.

  2. Non-Payment of application fees.

  3. Removal by the Board of Directors.


  1. Mission Statement:  Our responsibility as a Board is to provide strategic thinking, set policy, and provide direction for the league future.

  2. Administration includes the establishment of rules, player conduct a code of ethics, preparation and approval of an annual budget and establishment of member fees.

  3. The number of Directors shall be six (6) in accordance with the May 1, 2023 filing of the State of Florida Incorporation. There are currently three Emeritus members with no voting rights as follows: Ron Ferrero, Robert Gentile, and Michael Peluse.

  4. With regard to the May 1, 2023 filing with the State of Florida, tenure will be as follows:

  1. Nicholas Layton – Commissioner/Treasurer two years, expiration April 30, 2025.

  2. Doyle Stephens – Secretary three years, expiration April 30, 2026.

  3. Russ Gomes – Director four years, expiration April 30, 2027.

  4. Ed Volovlek – Director four years, expiration April 30, 2027.

  5. Mike Conner – Director three years, expiration April 30, 2028.

  6. Sharon Lubbert – Director three years, expiration April 30, 2028.

NOTE:  Each newly elected board member will serve a term of three years.

  1. Each Director shall be a current member in good standing, have at least three (3) years as a member and player, must reside in Florida at least six (6) months of the year, and must have an email address to receive and send communications. Directors shall serve without compensation.  However, a Director may be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenditures incurred on behalf of the league and approved by the Board.

  2. Self – Nominations for any vacancy on the Board of Directors may be made by any member in good standing, including any current Board member whose term is expiring, and shall be submitted in writing or by email to the Secretary (Doyle Stephens is the Secretary and his email is of the Board not later than March 1, of each calendar year. Nominees will be reviewed and approved by vote of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors also has final vote on approval of the Commissioner.

  3. If all vacancies are not filled, then the Board by a majority vote, can appoint an individual for a one (1) year term or until the next election cycle.

  4. The Commissioner may call a meeting of the Board with notice of at least five (5) days prior to the meeting at a time and place identified. 

  5. A simple majority of the Board is necessary for the conduct of business and a vote of a simple majority of the Directors constituting the quorum shall be binding on all directors.  A quorum is defined as eighty percent (80%) of board members.

  6. A Board member may be removed by a vote of eighty percent (80%) of the Directors voting at a duly called Board meeting in which all Board members are present.


  1. The Board shall appoint a Commissioner. The following positions may be held     by the same person at the discretion of the Board.

                            1. Commissioner and Treasurer

                            2. Secretary and Treasurer

  1. The Commissioner shall preside over all meetings of the Board.

  2. The Commissioner and Secretary shall attend all meetings and draft minutes of all meetings for the approval by the Board.                    

  3. The Treasurer shall have custody of the Collier County Super 60 Softball Inc funds, develop proposed budgets with input from the Board, prepare monthly financial reports for the Board and perform all other duties as generally performed by the Treasurer of an organization.

  4. The Commissioner or the Board of Directors may appoint committees or other individuals from time to time with duties and responsibilities as determined by the Commissioner or the Board.


  1. Collier County Super 60 Softball Inc shall maintain its funds in an insured financial institution.

  2. The Treasurer shall prepare, and the Board approve, an annual budget, including fees and assessments for the members, and provide a level of reserves considered prudent and as a contingency for unforeseen expenses.

  3. The fiscal year of Collier County Super 60 Softball Inc shall be from May 1 through April 30. A financial statement shall be prepared as of the end of each fiscal year and filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


The Board shall develop and establish a comprehensive manual of Collier County Super 60 Softball Inc to include but not limited to the rules of conduct, regulations, rules of play, a code of ethics, responsibilities of players, team managers and others and amend such manual from time to time as considered necessary by the Board.  The official current year SSUSA rule book is the basis for some, but not all of the rules. Some have been modified to comply with the league philosophy of being a recreational league for senior men and women.


Amendments to the Charter may be proposed by any member of the Board.  Any proposed changes must be approved by at least a majority of the voting Board of Directors.


Note:  Board of Directors met on April 5, 2024 and approved the Charter

Monday & Wednesday
  8:30 (BP)  9:30 Game
North Collier Regional   Park, Naples, FL 
   November to April

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