2021 teams

Front Row(L to R): Vinny Passione, Kathy Coyle, Chuck Hodgkiss, Rick Kekelis, John Ketterman, Steve Vasco, & John Truitt(Mgr.)

Back Row: Bob Pelletier, Joe Coyle, Jim Neuser, Bob Muir, Craig Robinson, & Mickey Urmann



Front Row: Mark Zeitlin, Nick Layton, Mike Conner, Lou Federico, & Ron Fererro.

Back Row: Mike Mort(Mgr), Tom Fazio, Don Penrod, "Sparky" Adamowicz, Jack Mcburney, Dean Sturgeon, Russ Gomes, & Dave Parks. Missing: Kevin Nestor. Scorekeeper: Donna Mort.


Front Row: Bob Bohara, Mike Chesik, Dave Marcus, Joe Hanley, Ed Volovlek (Mgr.), Anne Brooks,  & Wayne Myers

Back Row: Joe Steves, John Byrum, Steve Doler, Jack Galante, Dave Sibits, Frank Caso, & Wayne Maahs

Red Sox

Front Row(L -R): Gary Bowers, Ray Waechter(Mgr.), Bob Kizan, Marcel Lebrun, Dick Perkins, Rick Watson, & Gerry Hoogland

Back Row: Ben Tantillo, Jim Hunt, Jerry Magdiarz, Don Leisey, Jim Pleiman & Doug Lombardi.


Front Row (l to r): "Slugger" (mgr), Ralph Bouleu, Jim Means, Mike Kane, Tom Flynn & Gerry Pyter.

Back Row: Gary Schultz, Tom Turton, Bob Gallager, Mike McConnell, Conrad Madaleno, Bob Golac & Bill Gluckner. Missing from photo: Bill Sheilds & Jim Heckel.


Front Row (L-R): Tony Vaccariello, Ernie Orlando, Jim Hartwell, Randy Segalla, Don Howard, Kevin Loftus, & Chuck Mayers

Back Row: Wayne Campell, Les Sharp(Mgr.) Norris Kruse, Mike Albano,  Paul Magrone, Mike Crimmins, & David Roy 


Front Row(L to R): Bob Gentile, Butch Fischman(Mgr), Bob Kruczowy, Jeff Berryman, Fran Gallager, Ed Kinder, Jim Hunsicker, Patti Hunsicker(scorekeeper)

Back Row: Joe Russell. Mike Caprio, Jim Napierite, Tom Gukelberger, Dennis Fecci, Bert Stoher, Bob Brown


Kneeling: Jon, Doyle, Andre & Don

Back Row: Richard, Dave, Bob, Mac (mgr), Rich, Rocco, Ken, Paul, & Ray

Missing: Dan

2020 Teams

Front Row (l to r): Fred Soto, Steve Vasco, Bob Kazin. Second Row: Chuck Mayers, Rick Discenza, Roger Shell, Tom Wasilewski, Dick Whittington, Doyle Stephens & Butch Fischman(mgr.) Back row: Keith Klintworth, Mike Reeve, Jim Hunt, & Tom Gukelberger.


Top Row (l to r): Joe Russell, Bob Brown, Dennis Fecci, Dean Sturgeon, Chuck Becker, Chuck Higgins, & Dave Martha. Bottom Row: Ron Ferraro, Gerry Seguin, Mike Mort(mgr.), Verne Petrosky, Pat Marone, Nick Layton, & Gary Bowers. In the middle: scorekeeper: Donna Mort.

Front Row: Joe Hanley, Tony Vaccariello, Mike Lewis, Tom Kinch, Mike Kane, Jim Heckel, Wayne Myers & Gary Connolly.

Back Row: Kevin Loftus, Mike  Crimmins, Les Sharp(MGR), Bert Stohrer, John Byrum, Jim Neuser,  & Paul McGrone.



Front Row: Ken Hughes, Rick Watson, Kevin Nestor, Mike Connors, & Mike Chesik

Back Row: Bob Macmillan(mgr), Terry Gunning, Bob Huber, John Mulcahey, Bobby Steirt, Jeff Berryman, Dave Park, & Dale Brunt.

Front Row: Bob Kruczowy, Mike McConnell, Ray Waechter(mgr), Will Carlson, Armand Gonzales, Meg Stanley, & Jim Burhance

Back Row: Gerry Hoogland, Dave Sibits, Don Penrod, Drew Moston, Russ Gomes, Wayne Campbell, & Charlie Bickle Missing from photo: Ray Bernardi



Front: Bill Shields, Tom Turton, Bob Winters, Ed Volovlek, Anne Brooks, Bill Wright, Peggy Shields

Back Row: Howard Goldstone, Frank Caso, George Gorges, "Sparky" Adamowicz, Jack Galante, Chuck Hodgkiss, Steve Doler. Missing: Ed Dzialo


Back Row: Gerry Pyter, Don Leisey, Jim Lenoir, Jim Pleiman, Tom Silvia, Guenther Mittlestaedt

Front Row: Ben Tantillo, John Truitt (mgr), Bob Gentile, John Wolfe, Dan Rowell & Mark Zeitlin

Missing from photo: Tony Gambino


Front Row: Andre Dalbec, Mark "Slugger" Lauer (mgr)

2nd Row: Bob Bohara, Ernie Orlando, & Don Taylor

3rd Row: Rich Stein, Tom Flynn, Rob Hollis, Gary Schultz, Jay Silverstein, Mark Falvo, & Don Healy

Missing:   Don Bucholz & Bob Williams

         Past League and Playoff Champions

2020 League Champions

Standing: Jim Hunsicker (mgr), Conrad Madaleno, George McGowan, Norris Kruse, Ralph Buelow, Jerry Magdiarz, Bill Rieder & Bob Mooney

Kneeling: Kaloyan (bat boy), Lou Federico, Dave Marcus, Dick Perkins, Tony Nasralla, Don Berger, & Patty Hunsicker (scorekeeper)

Missing from photo: Larry Griffith, Jim Neuser


2019  Tournament


Back Row: Jim P., Ed D., Don S., Jack G., Charley, Russ, Jerry P., & Norris

Front Row: Doyle, Ed(Mgr), Mike C., Tom W., Peggy (scorekeeper) & Billy


2019 League 


Back Row: Jim H.(Mgr), Don B., Jeff B., Bob R., Bert, Dave P., Dick W.,

Front Row: Gary B., Dave M., Meg, Bob K., Annie, Michael K

Missing from photo: Jerry L.

Tigers      2018  Tournament Champions

Back Row (L to ):Dennis, Jim N., Dave D., Mike C., Dale B., Chuck B., Bob M.

FRONT ROW: Kevin L.(MGR), Bob K., Gerry S., John T., Dick W., John T.,

Yankees      2018 League Champions

BACK ROW(L to R): Jerry, Robert M., Augie, Lester, Mike D., John W., and Dean

FRONT ROW: Gary, Chuck M., Mike Morra, Nick, Mike Mort(MGR)

Not Present: Frank, Gashaw, Joe H.

              2017     Indians

Back Row (L to R): Dennis, Jerry, Dean, Mark ("Slugger"), Robert, Tom B., Bobby

Front Row: Bob, David, Jim(Mgr), Tom K., Betsy, Doyle    Missing: Dan & Don

  2016         Romeo  A.C. 

League Champion



            Playoff  Champion




As a recreational senior softball league, we accept players of all skill levels. Although there is competition between teams, we value encouragement over criticism, and friendship over winning.   Our players come from Naples, Ft. Myers, Bonita Springs, and greater Collier County, Florida.

League Sponsor


If interested in playing in the 2020 season, please fill out an application form and return it with payment.

15000 Livingston Road, Naples, FL 34109

Important information about our league:

As a recreational senior softball league, we accept players of all skill levels. Although there is competition between teams, we value encouragement over criticism, and friendship over winning.

  • Players need to be 60 and older.

       Women need to be 50.


  •  12 players on a team, including 5 outfielders, also 5 infielders.


  • ​ No sliding, no stealing.


  • Two home plates and two first bases to prevent collisons.


  • Screen in front of pitcher to protect the pitcher.


  • Batters start with a 1-1 count.


  • ​Some pinch running is allowed.




November 15, 2020, Applications with payment due in order to play for the 2021 season. Late applications will be considered depending on team rosters.

March 22, 24, 29: Playoffs, 8 team Single Elimination

2021 Season is Over,  Preseason 2022 starts in Nov. 2021
If you have any questions. Many answers to questions can be found on our website. Thanks